GDPR offer

Accompagnement et mise en conformité RGPD

Data Privacy Professionals: GDPR offer

Data Privacy Professionals offers  a complete service  to small, medium or large companies who are in the process of putting their GDPR procedures into place, or other similar data privacy legislation (for example, Privacy Shield).

According to your needs the GDPR offer could include:

  • predefined packs (all in one ; everything included)
  • consulting and support on site or at a distance
  • acting as external DPO   (DPO as a service) for the enterprise regarding personal data. You delegate this responsibility to us
  • training

Our offers cover the following aspects:

  • legal
  • technical/technological: IS/IT(computing), cyber-security
  • operational: projects, prioritization, putting everything  into place and follow-ups

The service that Data Privacy Professionals offers is called “The architect of your personal data”. It covers the following aspects: audit, training, consulting and ensuring that you conform to all aspects of GDPR, DPO (Data Privacy Officer).

We have experience of  ensuring that businesses are GDPR  compliant in various domains including: digital marketing, telecommunications, organizations concerned with social services, energy, transport, heavy industry and geophysics.

GDPR offer

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