GDPR training

Accompagnement et mise en conformité RGPD

GDPR training

The GDPR training offer from Data Privacy Professionals is adapted to the needs of the enterprise and is targeted towards its particular business activity.

Customized GDPR training offer

The areas of activity :

GDPR training curriculum

The training in GDPR is centred around three models:

  • Awareness of GDPR which is  aimed at the public at large
  • The employees training module
    • GDPR: the theory and the practice  for all businesses (large or small)
    • Destined for all your  employees, collaborators  subcontractors in order that they understand  the  importance of GDPR  and adhere to the best practices
  • The training DPO  is destined  for someone who wants to take on the role of DPO in your enterprise
GDPR customized training offer

Data Privacy Professionals is a registered training center. Registration number: 44670615867 (*).

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