GDPR offer

GDPR Offer

Data Privacy Professionals offers a complete range of services to support small to large companies and charities in their GDPR compliance process, and any other applicable legislation (e. g. Privacy Shield) on personal data.

According to your needs, we can offer : 

· predefined packages  (all-in-one; all-inclusive)
· On-site or remote consulting missions
· missions as the company’s external or outsourced data protection officer (DPO)
· training

Data Privacy Professionals offer is called “the architect of your personal data“. It covers auditing, training, advising regarding GDPR compliance, DPO (Data Protection Officer).


Why become a GDPR consultant ?

 In this interview Pascal Thisse the manager of the company Data Privacy Professionals explains how important it is to have a GDPR consultant at the heart of the enterprise.

Our experience in terms of deployments regarding GDPR compliance projects covers various fields of activity including digital marketing, telecommunication, social care institutions, support services (IS/IT), energy, transportation, heavy industry and geophysics.