Anglais des affaires


Objectif de la formation
1. The course will help you prepare for the TOEIC exam which is a qualification that is recognised throughout the world as showing a level of competence in the English language.

2. It will also give you the tools to operate in English in the Anglo-Saxon business world both in formal and informal settings:
   – Actions to engage in and what to avoid
   – The cultural assumptions behind the words
   – Pitfalls to avoid
   – Using their language to advance your business

Version française :

   – Être capable d’interagir dans un contexte professionnel particulier
   – Connaître la grammaire et maîtriser le vocabulaire
   – Être capable de communiquer
   – Produire un discours cohérent
   – Être en mesure de s’exprimer et se faire comprendre de façon claire et détaillée Interpréter    et comprendre le contenu essentiel de sujets concrets ou abstraits dans un texte ou une            conversation
   – Comprendre une grande gamme de textes longs et exigeants ainsi que saisir des significations implicites
   – Pouvoir utiliser la langue de façon efficace et souple dans sa vie sociale académique ou professionnelle
   – Pouvoir s’exprimer sur des sujets complexes de façon claire et bien structurée
   – Manifester son contrôle des outils d’organisation d’articulation et de cohésion du discours

Contenu de la formation
We will look at how to approach TOEIC tests. What the main stumbling blocks are and how to avoid them. Tips and tactics for a high score will be explored. However, it is no good just being able to pass exams if we can’t use English appropriately in the workplace. That is why we will look at the type of English that is useful in business situations in the Anglo Saxon world not just in the workplace itself but in informal situations which might just clinch the deal Language also conveys a culture so we will look at the culture behind the language and what this means when doing business with Anglo Saxons and how to understand hidden messages in the language.

The teacher worked for many years in Britain and also Hong Kong and is aware of the differences between conducting businesses in these counties. The teacher has a formal training diploma as teacher of English.

Les points forts de la formation
   1. Native English speaker with 15 years experience
   2. Experience of preparing students for TOEIC, IELTS and TOEFL
   3. Variety of training methods
   4. Limited number of participants
   5. Relaxed friendly environment

Résultats attendus
   – On completion of this course you should feel more confident in the use of English in your working environment.
   – You should be able to easily manipulate the language whether you are negotiating a contract, giving a presentation or dining in a restaurant with business associates.
   – If you are taking an examination such as the TOEIC then you will feel better prepared.


Durée et rythme de la formation
7 h
Parcours collectif
En journée

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