The consulting firm Data Privacy Professionals assists its clients with their personal data issues (GDPR) in legal, technical/technological and operational terms


The consulting company Data Privacy Professionnals proposes to act as the external DPO (DPO as a service ; DPOaaS) for your enterprise and your data as regards GDPR


Data Privacy Professionals consultants  train end users, employees, DPOs on the GDPR, personal data issues and cybersecurity


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Personal Data : the oil of the 21st century.
How can your company comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and avoid data protection authorities fines (e.g. ICO) ?

Data Privacy Professionals :
architect of your personal data

Certified consultants

Our consultants are certified by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (iapp) and/or the PMI and have certifications in the fields of data privacy and project management such as:

· CIPP/E : Certified Information Privacy Professional / Europe
· CIPT : Certified Information Privacy Technologist
· PMP : Project Management Professional





Our enthusiasm for issues related to personal data (“data privacy”),
customer satisfaction and entrepreneurship are the driving forces behind our commitment



We are keen to apply techniques and technology in order to understand new uses or fields of application. We listen to what you have to say and design the most innovative solutions adapted to your needs, from a technical, legal and operational point of view.
We act as the architect of your personal data



Ethics is at the heart of our concerns regarding the respect of the privacy of the persons concerned, and the conduct of the company’s business.
We do what we say, and we say what we do



Our project based approach allows us to deliver a quality service which respects deadlines and costs

Are you ready for Brexit ?

We offer assistance in navigating the complex terrain regarding Data Privacy and Brexit



Data Privacy Professionals : 
DPO of a new world


Respect for the private life of an individual is one of our fundamental values. Alsace Service therefore, from 2018 has been engaged in putting into place polices that conform to GDPR. IT is an ambitious path and therefore, we decided to call in the services of a specialist in this area and consulted Data Privacy Professionals.The consultant Pascal Thisse proposed a methodology that is adapted to our structure and our activities.
We are an association that offers services in the psycho social arena to enterprises and their employees, we propose different types of service according to need (work related social work, psychological support, take care of individuals, and undertake an audit and diagnose psycho socio risks/quality of life at work…). In dealing with these employees our professionals have to deal with sensitive data.
An audit of our practices, knowledge of how to treat the data, creation of a PIA, training of all our staff at Alsace Service, this was our need.
For the choice of a DPO we decided to seek someone external to our company in this way we would guarantee total neutrality for all (clients, employees of other companies and Alsace Service). It was important for us to choose someone with all the necessary skills in this area. In addition on the advice of Pascal Thisse we have signed the DPO charter with AFCDP (french DPO association) guaranteeing an ethical framework to our engagement
The partnership has given us efficiency and depth of experience which enables us to evolve the practices of our organisation whilst at the same time respecting the law

Madame Sandrine GUIDAT

Managing Director ALSACE SERVICE

Colmar. September 3rd 2019

I am happy to announce the signature of the partnership with Data Privacy Professionals. This partnership allows us to unify our two structures and affords our clients the benefit of a complete and global response to their needs in conforming to the applicable legislation. This interprofessional approach is indispensible if we want to propose a high quality service to our clients as we accompany them in making them aware of the legal risks, computing constraints and their commercial and industrial decisions. The negotiation of this partnership has been greatly facilitated by Pascal Thisse founder of Data Privacy Professionals, his professionalism, his thoroughness and his ability to listen have been greatly appreciated

Maître Marianna MERON-CAMPAGNE

Founder of the sollicitor’s firm Meron-Campagne (Paris and Brussels).

September 24th 2018

Our collaboration with Mr. Pascal Thisse was both positive and enriching. We spent five days together in order to do an audit that would enable our group to conform to the framework of GDPR and Pascal’s expertise in this area greatly assisted us. His human qualities really helped us to conduct this audit efficiently in a relaxed and agreeable atmosphere. I’m happy to recommend Data Privacy Professionals

Monsieur Nicolas OCCHIPINTI.

Managing Director Exafield.

Paris. March 22nd 2018

Personally I was extremely satisfied with your input in terms of the project XXX. The different points concerning security and confidentiality of personal data were well dealt with in a comprehensive manner. Your handling of the project was efficient and dynamic and our discussions together enabled us to resolve issues with the minimum of delay.

Monsieur Michel MAURER.

CEO. Thurmelec (Mulhouse ; Alsace)

March 26th 2018


Data Privacy Professionals offers support in GDPR compliance
and to act as your company’s external DPO.


The centre of gravity of our activities is between:

La région Grand-Est
      · Alsace (Strasbourg, Mulhouse, Colmar)
      · Lorraine (Nancy, Metz, Sarreguemines, Forbach, Épinal, Saint-Dié, Bar-le-Duc)
      · Champagne-Ardenne (Reims, Troyes, Charleville-Mézières)

L’Île-de-France (Paris et la région parisienne)

We offer our services throughout France as well as abroad (Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, United Kingdom,…)


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