Business English training course

At the end of this course, you will be more confident in your ability to use English in a professional setting. You will be capable of using the language more easily, may it be to negotiate a contract, for a presentation, during a dinner with colleagues. If you are planning on taking an exam, such as the TOEIC, you will be ready to pass it. This training course is intended for people who wish to be at ease when listening and speaking English in a professional setting.



The training course is entirely done remotely, through Webex, a video conference tool.


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1. Communicate in a professional setting.
2. Be acquainted with the grammar and master the vocabulary.
3. Be able to interact with colleagues.
4. Produce a coherent speech.
5. Express yourself clearly in order to be understood.
6. Be able to interpret and understand the essential tangible and abstract contents in a text or a conversation.
7. Understand long and complicated texts and grasp their implicit meanings.
8. Be able to use English efficiently in social, academic and professional settings.
9. Express yourself clearly on complex topics.


Specific conditions and prerequisites

Have at least an A2 English level on the CEFRL


First, we will see how to take an exam such as the TOEIC: What are the common errors and
how to avoid them? What advice to follow and what methods to use to get a high score?
Secondly, we will examine the kind of English that is useful in a professional setting in an anglophone context: in the workplace, but also in a more informal setting that can lead to a contract.
Language presupposes a culture, we will therefore take an interest in the culture behind the language: What does working with anglophones mean? How to interpret the subtext in a speech?


Intended audience

· Jurists,
· Associates,
· Human resources and marketing managers.

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