Outsourced DPO

Data Protection Officer

Why do you need to appoint a Data Protection Officer?

The main mission of a DPO is to make sure that the organisation that appointed them acts in compliance with the data protection legal framework.
The function of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a key element of co-regulation, through practice.

Inform and
raise awareness

Submit a report to the Data Controller

Inform and

Analyse and

Establish and maintain “accountability” documentation

Ensure mediation
with the data

Ensure compliance with the legal framework

Interact with the Data Protection Authority (e.g. ICO)

What are the required skills to become a DPO?

The role of DPO requires expert skills in the following areas:


Understanding of legislation and case law regulating the processing of personal data.


Being technically savvy : information system, computer science, cyber security, information and communication technologies, mathematics, data protection and privacy by design and by default.


Create and implement a programme related to data privacy, getting employees and the company’s ecosystem on board, training employees/subcontractors, leading the network of internal and external stakeholders.


Proficiency in the languages spoken by the data subjects (French, English, German).


Engage your collaborators, subcontractors, and hierarchy, bring together all energies, and foster a culture of compromise.

Why choose an outsourced DPO?

It is unlikely that your company will have an employee with:

The required skills

Data Privacy Professionals has the legal, technical, operational, linguistic, behavioural required skills.

The time

Data Privacy Professionals has the time to fulfil the role of Data Protection Officer for your organisation.

The required experience

The role of Data Protection Officer involves extensive experience in many areas.

Data Privacy Professionals has all the means to act as your  outsourced Data Protection Officer.

Contact us to assess your needs and receive a customized DPO as a Service offer.


Data Privacy Professionals’ outsourced DPO offer

Within the framework of the GDPR, the consulting firm Data Privacy Professionals offers you to become the outsourced DPO of your company.
The DPO as a Service (DPOaaS) offer depends on the size and the sector of activity of your company and starts from 4 days of mission per year.

Data privacy by design ou by default

Consideration of data protection and privacy aspects by design and by default (DP by design and by default).

Risk-based approach

Traditional risk management as developed in project management (PMI) or through PIAs (privacy impact assessment, data protection impact assessment).


Maintain documentation to demonstrate compliance with data protection rules.


GDPR training of your employees and subcontractors.

Advice and analysis

Analyze the situation, inform and advise the Data controller.


Workload and costs under control

In order to provide the most suitable outsourced DPO solution, we assess the fixed and variable workloads upstream by carrying out an audit. This initial phase determines the real needs of your company and identifies its GDPR maturity.

DPO as a Service (DPOaaS)

Data Privacy Professionals meets both long and short term needs. The DPO as a Service offer guarantees great flexibility, controlled costs and freedom in your decisions.


The offer can be adapted to the needs of your organisation: annual, monthly or hourly. You choose the most appropriate offer.

Controlled costs

Our consulting expertise offers you assistance in assessing your needs according to your objectives, and in choosing the most suitable solution.


No automatic contract renewal.

Our outsourced DPO costs

In order to propose an offer adapted to each structure, our rates evolve according to your size and your objectives.

Very small enterprise

Starting from
170 € / per month

large enterprise

contact us for
a quote

Why choose Data Privacy Professionals?


Data Privacy Professionals has the technical, legal and operational skills necessary for the Data Protection Officer role, acquired through a decade of experience in data privacy.


Data Privacy Professionals assists various types of companies, particularly in the e-commerce, health, social, industry, software publishers fields.


In order to build a long term relationship with its clients, Data Privacy Professionals provides a high quality customize service specific to each company.


The DPO as a Service (DPOaaS) offer can be adapted to your needs.

Cost control

Package customize to your needs. Documentation to track the actual work.


Our tools are proprietary and not dependent on any external company.
Data Privacy Professionals act as an independent firm. It choose absolute impartiality and neutrality.


Our areas of intervention

Data Privacy Professionals acts as DPO in:
    ○ Grand-Est : Bas-Rhin (Strasbourg), Haut-Rhin (Colmar, Mulhouse), Moselle (Metz), Meurthe-et-Moselle (Nancy), Vosges (Saint-Dié, Epinal), Meuse (Bar-le-Duc), Aube (Troyes), Ardennes (Charleville-Mézières), Marne (Reims, Châlon-en-Champagne), Haute-Marne
    ○ Ile-de-France : Paris
• Germany
    ○ Bade-Wurtemberg : Karlsruhe, Fribourg, Stuttgart, Offenbourg, Kehl
    ○ Sarre : Sarrebruck
• Switzerland : Basel
• Luxemburg
• Belgium
• United Kingdom : London