CIPP/E training and certification | Certified Information Privacy Professional / Europe

This training course if an opportunity to learn more about major Data Protection Concept which are essential for the CIPP/E exam. Even though it is not a mock exam per se, this training course if tailed to professional wanting to receive an official certification, and to those wanting to deepen their knowledge in Data Protection. The training course and exam will be built on the same body of knowledge.

Video presentation of the training course


The training takes place entirely at a distance, through the Webex videoconference tool.


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1. Introduction to European Laws regarding Personal Data
2. European Regulatory Authorities
3. Legislative Framework
4. Compliance according to legislative framework and European framework regarding Data Protecton
5. International Data Transfer



To understand and to know how to use Office Software Application Tools (MS office kit, internet browsers, Android and Windows OS)

To have an interest and a good working knowledge of digital technologies.

Training content

Module 1: “Laws” on Data Protection • National Initiatives in Data Protection
• Technological Evolutions and the necessary legal framework implemented by European Law
• European Regulation Tools

Module 2: GDPR: key definitions and concepts
• Data categories and specific Data
• Data processing, automatised processing and the definition of people affected by this processing
• Principles Personal Data protection

Module 3: Data Processing managers and outsourced staff
• Privacy by design and by default
• Formalize relations
• Accountability
• Proof and certifications
• Labels and agreements management

Module 4: Personal Data processing
• Principles related to Data processing and the legal base of processing.
• End goal and limitations
• Consent requirements

Module 5: Rights of data subjects
• Existing rights and new rights brought forth by GDPR for the protection of people affected by this processing.
• New jurisdictional rights, features of the information delivered to people.

Module 6: Data Transfers outside the EU
• The Prohibition Principle and exceptions (adequate countries and suitable measures)

Module 7: Compliance control
• Role and powers of Control Authority
• Composition and mission of the EDPS

Module 8: Security measures to control data
• Security Duties and Obligations of Data Processing managers and outsourced staff.
• Main features of Security, requirements and Data Breach management.

Module 9: Compliance
The actions to undertake for your company to comply with national particularities, how to get proof that the rules have been followed, how to comply with new governance rules, and all the compliance tools you need.



· Jurist-oriented professionals
· Collaborator
· Marketing and Human resources managers

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Offer description

IAPP’s CIPP/E training and certification offerings include the following:

  • 14-hour live training, online with a trainer
  • Quiz to prepare the CDPO certification by the IAPP (recognized by the CNIL)
  • “Voucher” you can use to take the CDPO certification in a Pearson VUE center
  • Training manual
  • 1 year membership to the IAPP

Exam and certification

Once Data Privacy Professionals has given you the voucher, the steps to obtain the certification are the responsibility of the IAPP:
1. Registering for the exam directly by phone or on the IAPP website
2. Book an appointment to take the exam at a Pearson VUE test center
3. Take the Exam

At the beginning of the training course, the participant will register for the exam with Pearson VUE. This exam is not mandatory but allows you to obtain the CIPP/E certification. The CIPP/E exam is made of 85 questions and is 2 hours 30 minutes long.