Preparation for the CDPO (Certified Data Protection Officer)

Offer description

The IAPP CDPO Certification Preparation Day includes the following:
. 7-hour live training, online with a CDPO certified trainer
. Quiz to prepare the CDPO certification by the IAPP (recognized by the CNIL)
. “Voucher” you can use to take the CDPO certification in a Pearson VUE center
. Participant guide summarizing the procedure.


The training takes place entirely at a distance, as well as in Strasbourg (France)


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Distance learning takes place through the Webex video conferencing tool


CDPO certification requires the completion of
35 hours of training and the demonstration of at least 2 years of professional experience.
Demonstrate a professional experience of at least 2 years in the field of data privacy (e.g.: DPO,CISO, …).

To have an interest and a good working knowledge of digital technologies. To understand and to know how to use Office Software Application Tools (MS Office kit, internet browsers).


1. To prepare all the types of exam questions
2. Take a mock exam as training practice
3. Be ready to take the CDPO certification of the IAPP

Training content

1. CDPO examination procedure

2. Practical terms of the exams

3. Prerequisities to take the CDPO certification

4. Quiz which includes all the types of questions that can be asked at the exam

5. Roleplays

6. Mock Exam similar to the IAPP-delivered CDPO certificate exam

Exam and certification

To be certified CDPO, it is mandatory to have completed at least 35 hours of training or to have at least 2 years of professional experience in data protection.

Once Data Privacy Professionals has given you the “voucher”, the steps to obtain the certification are the responsibility of the IAPP:
1. Registering for the exam directly by phone or on the IAPP website
2. Book an appointment to take the exam at a Pearson VUE test center
3. Take the Exam

At the beginning of the training course, the participant will register for the exam with Pearson VUE. This exam is not mandatory but allows you to obtain the CDPO certification; The CDPO exam is made of 100 questions and to get the certification, candidats must answers correctly to 75% of all the questions and 50% of the questions in the three domains. Results are generally known at the end of the exam.


Intended audience

· Data Protection Officer (DPO),
· Assistant DPO,
· Project manager in charge of GDPR compliance, · Jurist, marketing manager, IT manager, data scientist, HR, anyone wishing to learn more about the job of DPO,
· Anyone who wants to become a GDPR expert.

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