AIGP training and certification. (Artificial Intelligence Governance Professional)

*The AIGP training and certification are currently under development.

This training, developed by IAPP, is a solid and interactive opportunity to learn how to implement the best practices and governance rules established in the AI (Artificial Intelligence) ecosystem. By participating in this training, you will learn how to understand and identify the necessary resources to mitigate risks and ensure security within your organization.

While not strictly a ‘prep test,’ this training is suitable for professionals aiming to become certified, as well as those seeking to deepen their knowledge of data protection. The training and exam will be based on the same body of knowledge.

By clicking on the button below, you can download the “Artificial Intelligence Governance Professional Body of Knowledge” (BoK).



The training takes place entirely at a distance, as well as in Strasbourg (France)


Distance learning takes place through the Webex video conferencing tool


1. ″Understanding the Foundations of Artificial Intelligence,″ defines AI and machine learning, provides an overview of the different types of AI systems and their use cases, and positions AI models in the broader socio-cultural context.

2. ″Understanding AI Impacts and Responsible AI Principles,″ identifies the risks that ungoverned AI systems can have on humans and society and describes the characteristics and principles that are essential to trustworthy and ethical AI.

3. ″Understanding How Current Laws Apply to AI Systems,″ surveys the current laws that govern the use of artificial intelligence.

4. ″Understanding the Existing and Emerging AI Laws and Standards,″ outlines the global AI-specific laws (like the EU AI Act and Canada’s Bill C-27) and the major frameworks that show how AI systems can be responsibly governed.

5. ″Understanding the AI Development Life Cycle,″ broadly outlines the context in which AI risks are managed.

6. ″Implementing Responsible AI Governance and Risk Management,″ explains how the major AI stakeholders collaborate in a layered approach, to manage AI risks while fulfilling the potential benefits AI systems have for society.

7. ″Contemplating Ongoing Issues and Concerns,″ presents some of the debated issues around AI governance.



To understand and to know how to use Office Software Application Tools (MS Office kit, internet browsers, Android and Windows OS).

To have an interest and a good working knowledge of digital technologies.

Intended audience

· Legal Counsel,
· Risk Manager,
· System developer,
· Security and IT specialist,
· Any person building and developing IT systems,
· Data Specialist