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What are the ultimate risky behaviors on the internet ?

Beware of Internet cybersecurity risks On the Internet, young audiences are sometimes exposed to inappropriate or age-inappropriate content. It is essential to be vigilant by implementing appropriate security measures. This can include the use of parental controls and active supervision of their online activities. It is important to educate young people about potential risks and…
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ChatGPT: an artificial intelligence at the heart of concerns

In late 2022, the arrival of ChatGPT caused a lot of buzz. This conversational robot, created by the artificial intelligence company OpenAI, aims to be able to respond to all of our queries in the same way a human would. This is both its strength and its weakness. While ChatGPT makes many tasks easier for…
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Italy : Data Protection Authority authorizes the reinstatement of ChatGPT

The Garante, Italian Data Protection Authority, announced on April 28, 2023, that it authorizes the reinstatement of ChatGPT, which was banned for Italian users since March 31, 2023. This authorization comes after the Garante received a letter from OpenAI describing the measures put in place to address the concerns of the control authority regarding ChatGPT.

Label Transformation Digitale

Data Privacy Professionals & Digital Transformation

The region of the Grand Est has deployed its resources to put into place measures destined to help small and medium sized companies with their digital transformation. The objective is to compile a catalogue composed of enterprises that have been approved by the Grand Est to accompany them as they start on the path to digital transformation.
Data Privacy Professionals is part of it! This means that we can support and help you digitize your business, as well as structure your offering.

Partenariat avec l'IAPP

Our training has evolved!

Data Privacy Professionals becomes an accredited training center of the IAPP. The IAPP is the largest international community of data privacy professionals. Its certifications are now internationally recognized.

Social Media reacts to the events in Washington

Social Media reacts to the events in Washington

Throughout his presidency Donald Trump has used social media as a means of communicating with Americans and indeed the rest of the world. Sometimes the content of these posts/tweets have been criticised by journalists and laypeople alike for being misleading and spreading what has come to be termed misinformation. However, the stance of at least four of the social media networks seems to have changed following the events of Wednesday 6th January 2021 when Trump supporters stormed The Capitol building in Washington.

Cyber attack US Government

The worst cyber attack the US Government had to face ?

On Saturday 19th December the Guardian Newspaper published an article about what it termed ‘The worst ever US government cyber-attack The Guardian []’ It commented that even a week after the suspected Russian attack the full scope and consequences remain unknown. What is known is that key federal agencies in the USA were infected by…
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Google sanctionné cookies

Google sanctioned for its use of cookies

It is the season of cookies (the edible kind) but not for Google! On 7th December the CNIL sanctioned the companies GOOGLE LLC and GOOGLE IRELAND LIMITED a total of 100 million Euros for having put advertising cookies on the computers of people who used the search engine The company did this without the…
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Protection des données en Europe

It’s all down to you now!

When organisations are faced with difficult decisions and don’t themselves know how to tackle the problem then they revert to an age-old tactic they put the onus on you! This is in effect what European Data Protection Board (EDPB) did on November 10th, 2020. Now when transferring data to a third-party country not deemed adequate…
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Der Datenschutz und der Englischlehrer

Data Privacy and the English Teacher

Data Privacy Professionals works in collaboration with various structures and organizations, including associations under the law of 1901. TESOL is an association of English language teachers. In an article, Yvonne Chappell wrote on the following theme : “Data Privacy and the English teacher”, in order to show the impact that this international law has had…
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