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This training course is an opportunity to learn more about the notions of personal data protection and familiarise yourself with the General Data Protection Regulation. It is intended for professionals who wish to broaden their knowledge of data protection and insure the compliance of their organisation or company.



The training course is entirely done remotely, through Webex, a video conference tool.


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Training dates


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1. Master the theoretical concepts and the fundamental notions of the GDPR and the issues regarding personal data. 2. Be able to create records of processing activities for one’s professional activities. 3. Be able to participate and actively contribute to the development of a PIA and DPIA (privacy and data protection impact assessments). 4. Establish good practices (digital and analog). 5. Be aware of the principles of cybersecurity of products, services and processes among information and communications technology (ICT). 6. Understand the importance of good computer practices and digital skills in a company.



Be proficient in using basic digital tools such as internet access and web browsers on standard company computer equipment such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

Have an appetency for digital technology and understand its uses.

Training content

1. A company’s digital transition: new uses and new business models 2. The GDPR: fundamental notions 3. Case studies    • digital marketing    • sensitive data    • vulnerable natural persons    • new technologies    • CCTVs 4. An introduction to cybersecurity 5. Good practices and digital skills 6. Profiling tools on the internet 7. Data protection by design and by default principles 8. Business models evolution  9. Data Protection Authorities (DPA) penalties and fines 


Intended audience

· Jurists · Associates · Human resources and marketing managers

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