CIPM training and certification | Certified Information Privacy Manager

This training course provides a valuable opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of key Data Protection Concepts essential for the CIPM exam. While it is not a mock exam, this course is designed for professionals seeking an official certification and those who wish to expand their understanding of Data Protection. The course content aligns with the exam, ensuring that learners are equipped with the knowledge required to succeed in the certification process.

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The training takes place entirely at a distance, as well as in Strasbourg (France)


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Distance learning takes place through the Webex video conferencing tool

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1. How do you build a strategic vision within a company?
2. Who should be part of a GDPR team
3. How to build a GDPR team
4. How do you conceive and set up a Data Privacy programme?
5. How do you ensure communication between all the players involved?
6. How do you measure the performances of the Data Privacy programme that you have created?
7. Operational lifecycle of a GDPR and Data Privacy Programme



 To possess professional experience and familiarity with governance aspects and human resources in human framework.

To understand and to know how to use Office Software Application Tools (MS office kit, internet browsers, Android and Windows OS).

To possess a fundamental understanding of digital technologies and their applications.

Training content

Module 1 : Introduction to privacy program management
Identifies privacy program management responsibilities and describes the role of accountability in privacy program management.

Module 2 : Privacy Governance
Examines considerations for developing and implementing a privacy program, including the position of the privacy function within the organization, role of the DPO, program scope and charter, privacy strategy, support and ongoing involvement of key functions and privacy frameworks.

Module 3 : Applicable laws and regulations
Discusses the regulatory environment, common elements across jurisdictions and strategies for aligning compliance with organizational strategy.

Module 4 : Data Assessments
Relates practical processes for creating and using data inventories/maps, gap analyses, privacy assessments, privacy impact assessments/data protection impact assessments and vendor assessments.

Module 5 : Policies
Describes common types of privacy-related policies, outlines components and offers strategies for implementation.

Module 6 : Data subject rights
Discusses operational considerations for communicating and ensuring data subject rights, including privacy notice, choice and consent, access and rectification, data portability, and erasure.

Module 7 : Training and awareness
Outlines strategies for developing and implementing privacy training and awareness programs.

Module 8 : Protecting personal information
Examines a holistic approach to protecting personal information through privacy by design.

Module 9 : Data breach incident plans
Provides guidance on planning for and responding to a data security incident or breach.

Module 10 : Monitoring and auditing program performance
Relates common practices for monitoring, measuring, analyzing and auditing privacy program performance.



· Data Protection Officer (DPO)
· GDPR compliance manager
· Any person in charge of Data Compliance within your business.

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Offer description

IAPP’s CIPP/E training and certification offerings include the following:

  • 14-hour live training, online with a trainer
  • Quiz to prepare the CIPM certification by the IAPP
  • “Voucher” you can use to take the CIPM certification in a Pearson VUE center
  • Participant guide
  • 1 year membership to the IAPP

Exam and certification

Once Data Privacy Professionals has given you the “voucher”, the steps to obtain the certification are the responsibility of the IAPP:
1. Registering for the exam directly by phone or on the IAPP website
2. Book an appointment to take the exam at a Pearson VUE test center
3. Take the Exam

At the beginning of the training course, the participant will register for the exam with Pearson VUE. This exam is not mandatory but allows you to obtain the CIPM certification; The CIPM is a MCQ exam of 85 questions and is 2 hours 30 minutes long.