GDPR consulting company

Consulting company specialising in data privacy (GDPR)

Data Privacy Professionals is a consulting company specialized in supporting and complying with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) has been applicable since 25 May 2018 to all companies (wether they be small or large) and associations/charities. The GDPR imposes various and varied constraints on companies in the context of their processing of personal data concerning, among other things, their :


Payroll management, health, training, professional travel, recruitment…


Customer relationship management


Supplier management.

The post covid interview : a new vision

How has Data Privacy Professionals adapted to the covid-19 pandemic ?
What is Data Privacy Professionals long –term vision regarding data privacy ?
Pascal Thisse answers all these questions in an interview.


Depending on the size of the company, as well as the type and duration of the processing operations carried out, GDPR may require for compliance purposes :

· the establishment of a register processing operations;
· the implementation of appropriate technical and organisational security measures;
· the signing of contracts between controllers and processors
· the conducting of a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA);
· the appointment of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) internal or external to the company;
· compliance with best practices (transparency, minimisation, validity of consent, etc.) and in particular in the context of processing operations / projects at risk, such as :


The consulting company Data Privacy Professionals

Data Privacy Professionals is a consulting firm with GDPR and cybersecurity expertise that :


Assists you in achieving (or maintaining) GDPR compliance


Acts as your company’s external DPO (Data Protection Officer)


Trains and raises awareness among your employees, end users, DPOs on personal data issues (GDPR), and cyber-security aspects

Our team building day

After the confinement Data Privacy Professionals held a dedicated teambuilding day in mid May at 7Hotel and Spa Illkirch.

With masks at our disposal and distances of security respected the team profited from this day together to look at cybersecurity and data privacy (GDPR) solutions.

Data Privacy Professionals is, after all, a professional team that wants to accompany you in the best manner possible and for that we need to be up to date in our training and practice.

Today is a fresh start !

Tuesday , September 1st was the day that Data Privacy Professionals welcomed the arrival of its new team. We welcomed Johanna the German translator, Julia, community manager and Marjorie communication manager.

This day was an opportunity to discover how the company works, its customs and to create links within this brand-new team.

Some words from our collaborators…

It was a real pleasure to do my internship with Pascal and Yvonne.
It was personally and professionally enriching and led to the development of skills and knowledge which were complemented by the acquisition of confidence and serenity during my rewarding time spent at the heart of Data Privacy Professionals.
This reputable company has helped deepen my understanding of GDPR and cybersecurity by offering training from a qualified and known professional.

A big thank you !

Mohamed Anouche. April 2020

Our consultants are certified by the iapp (International Association of Privacy Professionals) and the PMI and offer you efficient solutions for GDPR compliance and cybersecurity issues

“It was a real pleasure to work with you and Pascal. I both practiced
and learned a lot about GDPR. Thank you for that.
Knowledge and experience means more than everything for me ! ”

Mickaël Grass

Internship with Data Privacy Professionals from April till June 2019

Data Privacy Professionals acts as the architect of personal data for your company.


Our expertise encompasses



Legal assistance on the following personal data legislation :

EU data privacy legislation 

· GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)
       Privacy Shield
       ePrivacy Directive
· France: Data Protection Act
· Germany: German Federal Law BDSG (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz)

North American data privacy legislation


Asian-Pacific data privacy legislation

APEC privacy framework


Technical and technological

· Security and architecture of the information system
· Cybersecurity
· Information and Communication Technologies
· Data protection by design and by default (DP by design and DP by default)



· Project management
· Implementation of GDPR (“data privacy”) compliance programs
· Liaise with regulatory authorities (CNIL, ICO,…)


Data Privacy Professionals, GDPR consulting company, visits your premises and provides its services for your company in the following countries


La région Grand-Est

· Alsace : Bas-Rhin, Haut-Rhin
· Lorraine : Moselle, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Vosges, Meuse
· Champagne-Ardenne : l’Aube, Marne, Haute-Marne, les Ardennes


· Paris (and Parisian region)




United Kingdom

United States