GDPR and cybersecurity training

Here is the mark given to us by our trainees in continuing professional education in the French government’s flagship “My training account”:

GDPR and cybersecurity training courses
for your company

The GDPR training path or curriculum is divided into three modules:

Awareness training

GDPR awareness is intended for all audiences

Employee training

GDPR : from theory to practice, in the context of small to large businesses.
The training is intended for your employees, collaborators and subcontractors so that they understand the basic principles and challenges of the GDPR and adhere to the implementation of best practices

Cybersecurity : Cybersecurity awareness regarding ICT (information and communications technology) products,
services and processes. Cyber-hygiene and cyber-literacy.
The training is intended for your employees, collaborators so that they understand the basic principles and challenges of cybersecurity and implement cyber-hygiene best practices

DPO Training
(Data Privacy Officer)

The training is intended for your employee who is destined to become the future internal Data Privacy Officer (DPO) of your company


Data Privacy Professionals “GDPR training” offer is tailored to your company’s needs and areas of activity. We can customize the training together according to your needs and context


Customized GDPR training

Data Privacy Professionals customizes GDPR training according to the size of your company and your field of activity such as :

Support in the social field

Support and social follow-up of people in difficulty: asylum seekers, support for employees within companies

Digital marketing

Analytics (cookies, fingerprinting, Google Analytics, Piwik/Matomo), profiling, targeted advertising campaigns, loyalty cards and programs

Medical field

Health data are specific personal data because they are considered sensitive. Health professionals, market research and marketing consulting companies in the health field, medical analysis laboratories, research institutes are directly impacted by the GDPR

The sharing economy

Contact platforms in the field of transport, housing and private rental (C2C)


Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0; Internet of Things (IoT)

Digital transition

Data protection at the heart of the digital transformation of your procedures, tools and businesses

Business models

Business models which are evolving from the notion of product to the notion of services