VivaTech. Paris. June 16/17 2017

VivaTech. Paris. June 16/17 2017

Robot VivaTech 2017

The forum is astonishing with the presence of thousands of people. Almost all conferences or exhibits are directly or indirectly linked to data privacy issues such as IoT, big data and analytics, industry 4.0, construction building, finance, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, health, customer service.  I have the opportunity to attend tens of start-up pitches. It shows me a different picture of what could be a pitch.

In Viva Tech you feel what a post “digital transformation” world could propose. Data privacy is at the heart of this transformation.

I am amazed about the level of knowledge of exhibitors regarding data privacy because of their knowledge regarding GDPR.

At the same time I feel that some of them regard GDPR as a risk and not as an opportunity because it might jeopardize their business model.

Some stakeholders might challenge the new GDPR data privacy paradigm.

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