Data Privacy Professionals & Digital Transformation

Data Privacy Professionals & Digital Transformation

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The region of the Grand Est has deployed its resources to put into place measures destined to help small and medium sized companies with their digital transformation. The objective is to compile a catalogue composed of enterprises that have been approved by the Grand Est to accompany them as they start on the path to digital transformation.

Before taking advantage of this arrangement to transform yourself into a digital company, you need to undertake an assessment of your digital needs. This is managed by the CCI, the Grand Est or the CRMA Grand Est. This allows you access to the catalogue of approved providers and then you can get a quote based on the areas targeted in the assessment.

How does it all work?

In order to know more about this initiative and to see if you are eligible, click here.

The steps relating to this Grand Est initiative are as follows :

  1. Diagnosis of the enterprises digital capacities
  2. Filing a request for the cheque Transformation Digital
  3. Analysis of the request by the region Grand Est. You will then receive a notification of their decision (and a cheque if  the decision is positive)
  4.  Reception of the cheque
  5.  Contact the enterprise that you have selected
  6.  The enterprise completes the work
  7.  The enterprise submits their bill to you
  8.  You send the receipt for the paid bill to the Region Grand Est
  9.  The financial participation from the Region is paid to your company

Our Action Plan

Data Privacy Professionals has been accredited for Digital Transformation in the Grand Est region. This means that we can support you and help you to digitalise your company but also to structure your offer. Our activities are mostly concerned with brick one which is about optimisation and increasing the performance of your organisation thanks to digitalisation.

In order to benefit from this support you must prioritise the topic in this brick that you want to develop between:

  • Human Resources
  • Accountancy
  • Finance
  • Client Management

Data Privacy Professionals will act on the area that has been chosen and will select different digital tools or guide you towards the changes required, adapted towards the needs of your enterprise. We will also take charge of supporting you in choosing the appropriate tools.

Our sphere of engagement concerns enterprises in the following sectors :

  • Commerce
  • Artisans
  • Tourism
  • Agriculture and wine growing

Don’t hesitate to contact us at via our contact form for further information on the digital solutions that we propose.

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